Investment Strategy

Mid-market businesses in the SME space with earnings of R10 – R50 million

Sector agnostic with a preference for high impact sectors below

Growth and expansion capital

Equity and/or Mezzanine Debt (Quasi Equity)

Significant minority to control stakes

No early stage or start-up enterprises

“We aim to build a diversified portfolio across various high impact industries which are scalable locally & into the Rest of Africa”

Sector preference

Agricultural Value Chain

Food Security or the lack thereof is often rooted in poverty. Consistent access to quality, nutritious food is fundamental to human existence and the positive impact of this sector is far reaching with wide benefits including:

Economic growth and job creation

Poverty reduction

Trade opportunities

Improved health and healthcare

Information, Communications & Technology (ICT)

ICT permeates all aspects of life, providing innovative, effective, and efficient ways for individuals to interact, network, seek help, gain access to information, and learn. It is also a sector that encompasses the ability to extract attractive financial returns through the innovation of new efficient technology.


Manufacturing is a sector that is renowned for its job creation and economic value add benefits. Anecdotal research suggests that Investment into this sector contributes to high levels of economic activity, skills development, middle-class job creation, exports and general trade.

What we look for:


Businesses with a profitable trading history of at least 5 years


Companies with good margins and strong cash flows


Skilled management teams with deep industry experience


Scalable into new markets and/or the Rest of Africa


Non-cyclical industries poised for growth


Culture fit and alignment with OAC


Alignment with our targeted Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs)

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